Asheville  171 M2

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Description:  Size (M)  Ceiling 
Living Area 171.31 m2
Living Room 5.05 x 5.31 F
Kitchen 3.96 x 3.05 F
Dinette 4.22 x 3.25 F
Dining Room 3.96 x 4.57 F
Home Office 3.20 x 3.58 F
Master Bedroom 3.99 x 4.17 F
Bedroom # 2 2.92 x 3.35 F
Bedroom # 3 4.11 x 3.20 F
Garage 44.96 I
Covered Porch # 1 63.08 I
V=Vaulted F=Flat
Footprint 22.48 x 17.83

“After four years in our home, we wish to tell you again how much we love our house in the Eastern Townships.  With its broad window panels in the front and in the back, we feel like we live in sync with nature inside our cocoon.  Over the years, we have had many homes built for us by various contractors and …  material quality surpass all that we have seen so far.  Thank you for showing us what [you] could deliver for us.

 Michel Boutin & J-Ann Connolly




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