Auburn   350 M2

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Description:  Size (M)   Ceiling       
Living Area 350.23 m2
Living Room 5.72 x 4.67 V
Country Kitchen 8.36 x 5.74 F
Dining Room 4.88 x 4.72 F
Media Room 7.06 x 4.83 F
Home Office 5.31 x 4.67 F
Games Room 5.05 x 5.74 V
Master Bedroom 8.20 x 4.83 F
Bedroom # 2 3.81 x 4.04 F
Bedroom # 3 3.81 x 4.37 F
Covered Porch # 1 41.15 I
Covered Porch # 2 12.08 I
V=Vaulted F=Flat
Footprint 22.56 x 20.65



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