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The process of creating EEH's architecturally designed homes begins in our factory's extensive design department. 

Here, the team of architects, engineers and draughting professionals produce architectural and working drawings for site construction, as well as production details for the manufacturing process.

The degree of completion of the blue prints and supporting documentation is second to none, ensuring easy acceptance by councils  EEH pre-certifies all homes.

We have an extensive catalogue showcasing a diverse collection of in-house designs, many highlighted by a broad expanse of windows and an inspired sense of spaciousness.

As well, EEH can work from your custom original plans.

We understand your needs

This knowledge also allows us to work more closely with our clients in establishing designs that are ideally suited for their special needs.

In addition, each group has a team captain responsible for quality control from an architectural point of view. It is this exceptional level of attention to detail that makes a world of difference.

A world of design solutions

Our select team of senior designers know how to meet our customers requirements.

The factory design group has worked with clients around the world to create a wide variety of projects, utilizing a complex range of architectural styles.

These include single family homes, duplexes, multi-family townhouses, low-rise walk up apartments, low-rise commercial buildings, and barrier-free housing.

We offer you a flexible choice of exceptional single and multi-family home designs, or we can work with your drawings.


Complete, highly detailed CAD engineered  working  drawings are included

Every home design is a very personal matter.

For that reason, our experienced and capable architectural drafting departments' goal it is to ensure that we provide you with exactly the home that you desire.

With valuable input from your sales representative or dealer, we can modify any of the plans. 

Buildings can be enlarged or reduced, windows and walls can be added or deleted, and the many fenestration products and other options can, of course, be incorporated.

And all such changes are reviewed by our in-house engineering department for structural integrity.

If you have your own special dream home in mind that cannot be found in our design collections, then your sales representative or dealer will work with you to develop your ideas.

EEH will provide you with a quotation for the manufacture and supply of your home, based on details submitted by you and your sales representative or dealer.

If it is acceptable to you, the drafting department will then proceed to development of construction drawings.

You will then receive EEH's famous high quality specifications and building materials in your home, along with the factory's industry leading warranty.


Building Your Confidence With EEH's Construction Expertise


The factory's panelized and pre-cut homes are gaining wide acceptance in many countries around the world.


Of course, material costs are important. However, in order to complete a building project on time and on budget, efficiencies must extend to the job site as well.

That is why a key ingredient in your relationship with EEH is our construction support.

Simplified Building

EEH's panelized and pre-cut homes are designed to be assembled by your construction crews quickly and smoothly.  Assembly instructions are included and these include a video tape of the process.

Saves time

The optional panelized or pre-cut home gives you the advantage of saving time as well.

The nature of the design is conducive to making it easy to install electrical and plumbing components, as well as all your other finishes.

By saving time, you can save money.

Cost Savings

EEH is committed to working closely with customers to identify cost savings opportunities

The factory has precision-engineered the building envelope so that  builders can often assemble the sub-flooring, wall panels, roof trusses, roof sheeting and the house wrap within a week of its arrival to your site. (Based on a <=150 M/Sq,  house)

For Your Custom Designs 

Customer-supplied drawings   


EEH are happy to quote on your own custom designs. You can submit your own architectural drawings for quotation along with a completed  Quotation Specifications form in order to exactly describe the building requirements.  

Your architectural drawings, preferably in 1/50 scale, must include floor plans, elevations and cross section with dimensions clearly indicated; provide the foundation plan when available to indicate direction of floor joists, or we will decide same for estimation. Indication of SuperWindow and door codes on architectural drawings greatly speeds order processing.

Custom Capabilities Review


All EHH designs can be modified to accommodate new ideas and personal requirements. Cost to do this is nominal, custom deigns will take slightly longer to deliver.

New Design

Complete CAD systems allow EHH to build the home of your dreams. All design are architecturally designed and engineering citified.


Passive and Active Solar options can add immense value to your design, and cost savings for life.


  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option

  • Purchase Large  168 page, high quality, full colour, Catalogue available containing all current models. $65 including postage. Payment by cheque or Credit card (via PayPal): Please contact us for details

  • Models are also available on CD for $7 including P&P, and include high resolution pictures: Please contact us for details

  • All models can be ordered with Garages

  • All Models can be customised

  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

Please contact us for more information

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