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 "Enough solar energy lands on every section/lot in the country  to provide three times the energy needs of a typical home."

DSHH: the   Long Term Features:


 An active Solar System


  • Energy and Power costs will continue to increase in cost at a significant rate as the years progress.

  • Much of the countries energy is provided by way of foreign oil and gas imports.

  • Solar energy is abundant, free, & untaxed,

  • Homes not warm in winter, provide a breeding ground for poor health and general lethargy/unhappiness

  • Reductions in outside energy demands greatly reduces the pollution loading as well as the carbon footprint of the home.

  • Cost to implement is reasonable, with reasonable longevity


Offset Energy Savings

1. The DSHH system uses a huge "U" evacuated tube solar collection system, combined with a massive thermal-mass, heat containment system.

2. The DSHH can be combined with a Solar Hot Water system.

These two features can reduce energy demand in their respective areas, by up to 100% on days of high Insolation (Solar energy).

This can reduce the overall home/office energy budget by ~70% or even more depending upon lifestyle.

OOP, or reduced Out Of Pocket expenses, allow you use your money for more important things.

Health and Happiness

Improved health: A warm home is a healthy and happier home. World Health have indicated a home should be no cooler than 18c for exactly this reason

In homes that drop below 16.5c, mould and mildew will form, giving off pathogenic spores that will negatively affect any family.

A warmer home will help reduce other winter maladies such as Colds and flue..




Solar Hot Water: Can be integrated directly or indirectly into the DSHH system with priority.

  • Directly: Build the Solar Hot Water system into the whole solar array, with hot water as a priority, followed by home temp, and any other heat stored in the heat core.

  • Indirectly: Have a dedicated sized solar array specific to hot water, but matching the solar array for the DSHH system. The downside of this is in summer, the hot water will often be topped up, the excess heat will not be able to direct the excess heat to the Heat Core

Fireplace Wetback/Boiler heater or other similar heat source such as generators, or geothermal heat sources, can be directly integrated to provide ancillary heat or heat extraction

Hot Water Heat Pump integration for heating and or hot water

Storage: Increased heat core storage depth

Solar panels: Increased solar capture Qty

Photovoltaic Solar Panels: Generate electricity to power a grid tied converter to feed power back into the grid, or, in off-grid locations, charge batteries and sun the DSHH system directly.

Also available: Solar powered pumps. Note: We don't recommend these as a rule, because if the pump were to come into shadow of a cloud while running flat out, a system overheat condition could result.. 


Reduction in Carbon footprint is one of the biggest eco-friendly treasons to include a DSHH in your new home.


If everyone could reduce their carbon footprint by the amount the DSHH allows, the impact of residential and commercial heating would be huge.


Any time you offset generic energy with Solar Energy you effectively help reduce pollution by the amount of energy demand you no longer require.


If budget were not an issue, we could combine the DSHH system with a Solar hot water system, and a reasonably sized Photovoltaic system. This would effectively make a home or office carbon neutral in its performance. You could even get a monthly cheque in most areas for energy injected into the grid.






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  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
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