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 "Enough energy lands on every section/lot in the country to provide many times the energy needs of a typical home."


Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water: Must be sized to fit the household demand including the number of collectors and the hot water cylinder/tank.

Qualifies for the EECA government solar rebate scheme.


Option 1: Fully integrated with the DSHH system. Extra collectors are included to increase capacity. This system makes the Hot water priority, however, in summer, a large solar array as used by the DSHH system, can heat even large HWC (Hot Water Cylinders/Tanks) quite quickly before reverting to house heating and storage.

Option 2: Matching but separate solar hot water system, may include overheat dump to DSHH. In summer the HWC can reach its pre-set heat point quite early.


Power Generation

Generate electricity directly from sunshine

Limited only by budget and available space


  1. Grid-Tied: Injects unused energy back into the grid who [pay you for you power]. In the mean time your power bill plummets on sunny days

  2. Off Grid: Charges batteries or powers inverters for home no on the national power grid.

  3. Solar powered Pumps

Typical smaller system for a home is 1.25kW - 3kW

Wind Power

From 740w to 20kW, optimal in windy areas.

Ask for more information.

Overheat Protection The DSHH controller can include a circuit to dump heat to an ambient radiator when the hot water is up to temperature, when the house no longer requires heat and when the Heat Core is at it's maximum temperature (80c). This package includes a pump, controller pipes and a radiator with fan.

It important to note that the system is designed not to require this under normal operating conditions. It might be required in locations with high/excessive solar isolation and solar gain with only nominal winter heat requirements.


DSHH: For optimal design parameters, the system works best with a thermally efficient home and can be integrated in to many designs before foundation is started.

The DSHH system needs to be built into a new home during the design phase.

Underground water movement may require additional excavation, compaction,  moisture barriers and insulation.



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  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
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  • All models can be ordered with Garages
  • All Models can be customised
  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

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