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"Enough solar energy lands on every section/lot in the country  to provide three times the energy needs of a typical home."

R. (Ron) THEAKER  CD, MD, Energy Efficient Homes Limited

DSHH:    How it works:


There are 3 phases to the basic DSHH system + options like Solar Hot water, Wetback integration and Heat pump operation.


It is important to understand the basic concept to understand how it works. The key concept is excess heat is stored in the dirt under the house/commercial building, and extracted as required to warm it. This stored heat takes a long time to become useful, in the interim the winter solar heat is injected directly into the slab, warming the home.


All facets of the operation are controlled by a custom designed solar controller with monitored sensors for: Solar panel(s), hot Water H & L, Slab, Heat core, Wetback/boiler




Available as:

  1. Solar Hot Water - only 

  2. Solar Heating only

  3. Solar Heat, and hot water combined.*

  4. Backup heat trigger

  5. Variables:

    *Hot water priority, then room temp than all excess heat dumped into the heat core storage.

Can include as appropriate:

Displayed   Adjustable variables Default Condition
House Temp   TH = Thermostat  19c
Room Thermostat set Temp CFR = Frost protection  --
Hot Water Temp Top* CMN = Solar min temp  20c
Hot Water Temp Bot.* CMAX = Solar Max temp  120c Default max
Solar Panel (s*) Temp SMX = Hot Water max temp 55c
Floor Slab Temp SLMX = Max temp Slab 29
Heat Core Temp COMX = Max temp Core 80
Control Valve Direction WMAX**

 = Max Temp of Wetback

-- (Recommend: 80c)
Pump(s) on W/Flashing Degrees C or F Degrees C
Time Backup heat set --
Warnings DT: Pump Differential temp 08, 04
Wetback Temp Wetback  35c turn on
* Optional **Wetback pump needs to be increased in speed if temperatures crowd 80c with full fire operational


Added optional features:


  1. Wetback or log boiler as extra heat source for direct use or storage, currently a free option.

  2. Heat Pump heat backup,

    • Air exchange heat pumps are good to -10c (~14f) outside day temp.

    • They are also fully integrated into the Solar Hot Water option, =low cost HW heating

    • They do not provide area cooling


  3. Thermal overload cooler, generally for desert environs with huge excess insolation

  4. Dual Solar panel layout for pitched roofs that don't point their flat area at the sun. Requires 2 sets of solar panels





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  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
  • Purchase Large  168 page, high quality, full colour, Catalogue available containing all current models. $79 including postage. Payment by EFT, cheque or Credit card (via PayPal): Please contact us for details
  • Models are also available on interactive CD for $10 including P&P, and include high resolution pictures: Please contact us for details
  • All models can be ordered with Garages
  • All Models can be customised
  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

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