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The home of your Dream Home


It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the most advanced, thermally efficient, healthy home website in the country.

All our homes can be custom designed, we offer SuperWindows, Super-Insulation, and can make designs Super-Efficient. We also offer a unique Digital Self-Heating Home option that uses year round Solar Heat to warm the home in winter.

So come in, wander around and be sure to contact us if we can be of assistance.

R. (Ron) Theaker  CD



And the Accolades 

just keep on coming:


"The house has passed with flying colours through the Ohakune winter, we have used the fire in the evenings but it's always warm and cozy when we come in from outside. The double insulated walls and roof combined with the larger studs and ply cladding below the external weatherboards seems to really hold the heat in and also means the house feels really sturdy.

It's also very quiet and doesn't creak like some other timber framed houses.

As far as other features of the house go, I'm now a big fan of the UPVC windows, they really seem to seal in the heat and have never fogged up.
Even the solar hot water system seems to be performing well in this cold climate."


The Most Wasted Natural Resource: Solar Energy


Cathedral ceilings provide massive passive solar potential

EEH homes are inherently thermally efficient, and when this is combined with our trademark glass fenestration, the homes become intrinsically passive solar. To this we can add other optional items such as thermal mass, and exclusive to EEH: whole house heating in the form of our Digital Self Heating Home (DSHH)

EEH has a myriad of home designs here, and we can also help you create a design that is a reflection of your own  personal tastes and ideas, then produce a high quality home package backed by a comprehensive support and warranty system. The result is an exceptional custom home, which you and your family will have  the pride and satisfaction of living in for many years to come. 

Your investment and home is amongst the very best  homes in the world. Energy Efficiency is incorporated into every design, with the EEH SuperWindows (tm), SuperWalls,  and SuperInsulation insuring the optimum living envelope.


We offer:
Passive Solar with Optional Maximum Solar Optimization

Over 160 time tested Stunning Architectural designs

Custom designed homes

Energy Design Consultant for your own designs

Maximum Realistic Energy Efficiencies

Optional optimised Sound reduced, Hypoallergenic  & Storm-proof homes.




Designs typically feature:

  • 140x45 (6x2) Exterior walls with Plywood Sheathing or optional HD ICF walls
  • SuperWindows (tm) & uPVC double glazing, with optional:
    • Security hardware
    • Insect screens
    • Argon
    • LowE Thermal coating
  • Super Insulation: 
    • R3.5 (140mm in walls) 
    • R3.5+ in (optional) ICF walls
    • R5.2-R7.0  in Ceilings
  • Optional Timber Subfloor (Except with DSHH)
  • Custom redesigned & manufactured for each customer
  • NZ-New designs or optional Canadian Shell packages







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If you have any other question we could answer, call us on 09-815-6664 or, click on the "Contact us" link  to send us a message.


  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
  • Purchase Large  168 page, high quality, full colour, Catalogue available containing all current models. $79 including postage. Payment by cheque or Credit card (via PayPal): Please contact us for details
  • Models are also available on interactive CD for $10 including P&P, and include high resolution pictures: Please contact us for details
  • All models can be ordered with Garages
  • All Models can be customised
  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

Please contact us for more information

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