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If interested, please contact the EEH office for more info.

 Homes are being built now with this option, as part of our BETA testing. 

First homes where the DSHH system was installed, required no extra heat over the last winter. "It works just great"

Watch this website for more information as this goes national then international.

EEH is happy to provide pricing on any model or models you wish.  

We then work with you to decide which model and what options you require. 

Simply Email us at List the Models you are interested in and we will provide prices right away for Item 1 below.  

Items 2 and 3 require on site inspection but we can still provide you with prices for the home materials and design package.

Delivery is direct to the job site.

We would like to take this opportunity to confirm our complete satisfaction with building a new ... home.  We are now in our third year in our new home and remain delighted with the quality of construction and workmanship throughout.  All this within our budget, and built within the timeframes for which we had originally planned, has made the ... experience even more compelling for us.  Without hesitation, we would recommend (these homes) to any prospective buyers looking to build a first class, built to perfection, recreation or year round home.

Pamela & Lloyd Gordon

To ensure there are no complications pricing can be quoted at four different levels:

  1. Design + Complete Shell Materials Package Delivered to your door. (Most popular)

  2. Built to lock up shell. Includes interior partitions and walk up stairs inside.

  3. Walk in: Completed except no flooring, tiles, or curtains. Paint is to primer standard..

  4. Turnkey:  Completed home to your specification, ready to move  in.

1. Design & Materials Package: Used by experienced people in the know to keep costs down.  Pricing does not include Stone, Brick, or Concrete. Foundations can be optionally quoted as well. Everything is included for you to be able to build the home to lockup shell condition on a foundation of your choice. Great if your brother is a Builder!

2. Lock Up Shell: Includes complete materials package, and labour to build the home to lock up condition. Cost will vary based on Footings, Foundation, and Basements. House is erected on pre-completed foundation or basement. Includes everything in the exterior shell: Framing, Siding, SuperWindows (tm) but stops at the interior wall: no plumbing, electrical or Gib. It also includes all interior stud partitions. The complete interior needs to be finished. Ideal for the Do-it-yourselfer.


3. Walk-in: House is effectively completed, no: carpets/flooring, finished paint, or curtains.


4. Turnkey: Completed to move-in condition, using your own colour schemes and appointments. No hassles, local tradesmen, customized the way you want it.

PRICING and Quotations


Typically every house is an extension of the new owners and one of the very best things with a new house is you get to choose the whole thing if you want.


Each home is custom manufactured for each client. 


Pricing is quoted on a one to one basis and is based on the model, modifications if any, and the costs on the day. Once you put your deposit down and it is accepted, the price will be locked in for up to one year.


Prices will be quoted as GST Exclusive. Solar options can be discussed, in order to optimize the design for your location.

The amount of changes or the degree of completion can affect the pricing dramatically. Thus we need to quote on your actual needs. We also give you the option of multiple levels of completion: 

We will discuss with you all the options that the factory can provide. Items such as hardwood floors, cedar shingles, kitchen cupboards, indoor finish etc. Also placement of the home on your section and passive solar capability.

Once a selection has been made, and all the features sorted out and agreed to, you will need to put a deposit down to confirm the sale.  

At this time most major options will have been locked in, some things like interior colours can be modified if agreed to by both parties. 

A deposit of 20% is normally required. This activates the final drawings, and can lock down a manufacturing date when drawings and contracts are signed off. Once signed off by a customer, & the Factory commits to a manufacture and ship date the deposit becomes non refundable.  Ask for more details.

The deposit will lock down a final price, prepare legal documents, and provide accurate final prices in the case of modifications and options and it will provide you with an accurate delivery date. 

A cancellation fee may apply if customer cancels prior to commitment date from factory once deposit had been paid. Reasonable costs will be deducted prior to returning the balance. 

Once all options have been agreed to, funds will be held in trust by solicitors until delivery is completed. Mortgages and funding options may be available through EEH, be sure to ask.

Is advantageous for us to meet with you at your section or lot.  A lot plan with gradient will be required.

EEH is working with Funding and Mortgage providers to optionally provide you with the best deal possible, with the least problems. Just let us know your needs.

EEH's  Factory Integrity:

The EEH factory is a publicly traded corporation, and the company has been around for almost 50 years. Homes are built to ISO-9001-2000 certification standards, which means they work to the highest standards of quality, integrity, delivery schedules and security. 

They are one of they worlds largest manufacturers of Energy Efficient custom pre-engineered homes, with tens of thousands sold. 

The ISO 9001 certificated Quality Assurance is the highest certification possible. Many of these homes end up in places like Japan, where customers are possibly the ultimate in "maximum attention to detail".  This speaks volumes for their integrity, and quality. 

Typical Delivery time scale overview:

Build time: Each home is custom manufactured for each client. We allow 60 days for this, however the time is based on factory demands. Some unmodified homes will ship in less than 30 days, others will take 120 days where large changes in basic designs require advanced customization. 

With the deposit, the factory provides an accurate time frame for release and delivery due date, as well as foundation designs and building working drawings. This allows the builder/home/EEH  to be ready for the delivery. Often this coincides with the home delivery quite nicely.


On-time delivery

EEH realizes that you have to make contractual completion commitments,  and that your ability to meet these obligations is subject to our factory performance.

We take delivery dates very seriously to ensure your building time table remains on track. You can normally expect the factory commitment ship date to be accurate.

A 60-90day delivery is typical, providing just enough time to get the foundations, utilities and if required, a basement, prior to delivery and erection.

Carefully packaged

To ensure everything goes smoothly, a comprehensive and systematic process of quality checks and balances takes places, and all items are color coded for easy identification by your construction crew.

We are expert at carefully and securely packaging and shipping the building envelope, and any interior options you may have chosen.

For Your Custom Designs 

Customer-supplied drawings   

EEH are happy to quote on your own custom designs. You can submit your own architectural drawings for quotation along with a completed  Quotation Specifications form in order to exactly describe the building requirements.  

Your architectural drawings, preferably in 1/50 scale, must include floor plans, elevations and cross section with dimensions clearly indicated; provide the foundation plan when available to indicate direction of floor joists, or we will decide same for estimation. Indication of SuperWindow and door codes on architectural drawings greatly speeds order processing.


Questions regarding pricing, specifications, drawings, shipment and payment should be addressed to:


  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
  • Purchase Large  168 page, high quality, full colour, Catalogue available containing all current models. $65 including postage. Payment by cheque or Credit card (via PayPal): Please contact us for details
  • Models are also available on CD for $7 including P&P, and include high resolution pictures: Please contact us for details
  • All models can be ordered with Garages
  • All Models can be customised
  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

Please contact us for more information

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