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Q Why should I choose Energy Efficient Homes Limited?:




“Building our home was made that easier ... and the result is that we have a truly delightful house.  Guests always comment on the spaciousness and the splendid exterior appearance.  With some imaginative decorating by my wife,  we feel our (home) is a showpiece!  Some have suggested we have been lucky  in that we have experienced no problems at all with any part of the house; we rather feel it is attributable to our instinctive decision to select ..."(an EEH home)

                                            Joyce & Peter Murray


A:   When you build your dream home, you're really building your future ... and your family's future. When you choose EEH as your partner, you are benefiting from having the factory resources of a publicly traded company with 50 years experience and over 50.000 homes built,  on your side.   

With the current state of the world, and the current unsure and rapidly escalating power and energy costs, houses built now to EEH standards will more than pay for themselves over the first few years, and when it comes to resale value, EEH homes will be the ones in the highest demand, and command a reasonable premium at sale.

The "EEH System" of integrating design and manufacturing is totally geared to providing products of superb quality, through a process that is timely, accurate and cost effective. We take responsibility for a significant proportion of the many requirements associated with your building project, providing you with peace of mind and reliability, not to mention timesaving convenience. We offer support through our dedicated sales representatives and independent distributors, along with knowledge and information through such tools as our Owner/Builder Construction Manual.

Furthermore, as our preliminary design services are at no extra charge and because the factory manufactures the key products directly in our factories, we are able to offer a high-quality package at exceptional value.  

At a base level, EEH is offering a level of design, quality, and structural integrity heretofore not typically found in Pre-Engineered home. By optimizing all the cost cutting measures of a highly efficient factory, computerized draughting and economies of scale that go with a volume business, you can get the very best home for a reasonable investment. After all over 50,000 have gone before you. Read customer comments throughout the site.


Q Can I use my own designs?

A:   Certainly. We welcome your designs. Our mission is to create a home that is a reflection of your own personal tastes and ideas. Whether the design concept is based on a photograph, a magazine, architectural drawings, or a simple sketch on a piece of paper, we would be delighted to be considered for your building project.  If your thinking is outside the scope of this site, your EEH sales representative or independent dealer/builder can work with you to develop your ideas. They can quickly and easily respond with an estimate of what your design will cost to manufacture using the EEH system. 

Every home we ship is custom manufactured for each client,  and each one is a unique expression of the families who live in them. Our vast offering of designs often leads customers to simply customise or modify one that takes their fancy.

Q What are the key factors affecting cost?

A:   The price to build a home is often expressed by industry professionals and owners/builders in terms of cost per square meter, a rough measure that excludes property costs and site improvements. Design complexity, grade of interior finishing selections, regional differences in labour costs, amount of "sweat equity", and site conditions all impact your budget. These can vary significantly from one home to another - even though they may be the same size as expressed in square meters.

You could also spend thousands of dollars to develop the design and drawings for your new home, but why? Build with EEH and you will have the services of our custom home design team at no extra cost. You save the design and drafting fees that most prospective homeowners encounter. Another consideration is that the flexibility of the EEH system; it allows you to reduce costs by contributing "sweat equity," if you desire.

Finally, there is little doubt that you will save not only money but also time and headaches by having one party responsible for both the design and the product.

Q What support does EEH offer to facilitate construction?

A:   The success of your project requires that you understand the issues and workflow of homebuilding. The goal is to build a high quality home successfully, on time and within your family budget. In order to meet this objective, we have developed a comprehensive Owner/Builder Construction Manual which is available with each home, once an order has been accepted. This is not a carpentry textbook, but rather it covers key topics such as permits, structural design requirements, foundations, managing sub-trades, project budgeting and other important knowledge that will enable you to build successfully.  

In addition, sales representatives and independent distributors are knowledgeable professionals who, besides helping customize your design, can give authoritative advice on most any question that may arise during the course of construction.   Passive Solar is one such support option.

Our factory  customer service department is also available to provide support and answer any technical questions that may arise. The working drawings and documentation are extensive and easy to follow, thus greatly simplifying the construction process.

Q What is my warranty?

A:   We include a broad, comprehensive warranty on the materials  supplied by us, for your home. The factories financial stability over the last 50+ years, and as a publicly traded company means we'll be here to deliver on this promise.

Since the factory produces the key components in the home package, including the SuperWindows (tm), you are receiving a direct manufacturer's warranty.

Many package home companies and material consolidators merely distribute building products and the client can sometimes get caught in disputes between the manufacturer and the supplier, each of whom will try to pass the buck if anything goes wrong.

The factories success has been built on referrals by thousands of customers. That's because we stand behind our product utterly and completely. Referrals and comments from satisfied customers, form a significant part of this information.

You will receive a 2-10-25 year limited factory warranty. Please ask us for more details.

Q What quality assurance program does you have in place?



A:   The Factory maintains registration in good standing to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standards. ISO is recognized internationally as a world-class system of quality, fostering continual performance improvement, customer satisfaction and business excellence. This means the quality & procedures are in place to make things happen on time and on budget.

 In addition, continual product testing, both in house and at third party testing facilities. In addition,  significant capital investments in advanced software and CNC production equipment to ensure reliable, consistent quality in our complete manufacturing and shipping process.

Lastly, there many small but important details, like EU Heat treatment certification for all the timber. This is not simply kiln dried, it is heat treated to kill insects etc. All our framing timber is EU certified and export quality. All timber can be treated to match local and national building codes as required.

Q How can I obtain financing as an owner/builder?



A:   Not all banks, being banks, will share your dream. That's why EEH has negotiated directly to establish financing plans specifically designed for the needs of our  owner/builder. 

Your sales representative or independent distributor has all the information you need. We will work closely with you to ensure that your financing is established at the most competitive interest rate and under the most advantageous terms possible

Q How Energy Efficient are these homes?

A:   Tens of thousands of these homes have been sold worldwide, and are designed to rigorous international standards including NZ, Japan, Canada, USA, and the E.U. We feel they are the very best "Bang for the Buck" you can get. They must endure the-50c of Alaska, as well as the +50c of the Mohave Desert, and the 99.9 % hot humidity of the Hawaiian Islands. Structurally, they are designed to local conditions and can provide against:  incredible winds, seismic excursions, and weather anomalies.  

Compared to typical 4x2 construction in NZ over the last 10 years, you can't really quantify an exact amount due to the vagaries of the market, however, you can be rest assured that all EEH certified homes, represent the optimum of efficiency with a reasonable eye towards cost. For instance, by moving to 6x2 exterior walls we are able to put 50% more insulation into them, as well as increasing the structural strength many-fold. 

We believe if you start with an optimal shell, you can optimise the rest of the home for comfort, Solar, aesthetics, and cost without lowering the basic standards. That's why we offer: the 6x2 walls, the 10x2 sub-floors, the 13mm sheathing, the SuperWindows (tm) windows, and the SuperInsulation as our BASE offering. Most builders would not do this when building a home as the are focused on conventional thinking and low cost. We offer these packages as minimum standards, and builders don't have to worry about cutting costs.

Q How do I get started?

A:   You've actually started already by looking through our design collection . Choosing a plan is the prerequisite step that allows for price quotations, architectural drawings and the building permits that launch your building project into gear.

 Be sure to talk with your  sales representative or independent distributor nearest you. Call us for information if you are unsure who your local representative is.  They fully understand the enthusiasm, excitement, and eager anticipation that most people experience when considering a major investment in a home. They will offer their support and advice throughout your building project.

You'll probably be surprised at how easy the whole process is. Before you know it, you'll be walking through the front door of your beautiful new Energy Efficient Home..

If you have any other question we could answer, click on the "Contact us" link to send us a message.