SuperWindows   Security


“When we set out to build, we had a very particular vision of what we wanted.  Our goal was to create a home filled with natural light, and natural wood beauty that could take advantage of a prime building site overlooking our whole bay.  We researched a large variety of companies ....  Our new home is extremely beautiful and we’re very proud of it.  You certainly live up to your reputation.”

                                                Phil & Brenda Colucci, 



Without energy efficient windows, the plot is lost when trying to maintain energy efficiencies in any home.  Our "SuperWindows" also have impressive built-in security features combined with the very best energy efficient windows on the market. 

If you are a dealer, Architect, builder or developer, contact EEH at info @ . A comprehensive list of Window data, including sizes etc will be provided, together with rough stud openings and if requested: Design details in Cad or PDF format.

Sliding glass "Ranch" windows are also available in stock sizes and several colours. All Sliders feature Low E and argon as well as Tempered glass. All Ext doors including the ranch slider come with deadbolt locks.   Tempered glass is an option with most SuperWindows (tm) 

Key Benefits

  • All Windows are Hermetically Sealed Double Glazed with high tech insul spacer

  • Low E2 coating to almost eliminate  U/V rays

  • Sealed double glazed cavity is filled with inert non toxic,  Argon Gas

  • Structurally inert frames, 

  • Windows that open have Security mechanisms and Insect Screens

  • Windows are "Dogged" closed when shut, compressing double seals.

  • 15 year warranty on the structural integrity of the windows

  • Energy Star rated

SuperWindows in action.  -50c to +50c extreme efficiencies

.Cross Section of a SuperWindow Security Devices









Two panes of glass, one with a Low E coating, are hermetically sealed, air is removed, and Argon gas is injected into the cavity between the panes.

Multi-cam security locks on all windows that open

The locking system not only makes outside tampering extremely difficult but also, draws  the window up again the double seals. Locks vary with design type. 

(See airtight double weather-stripping seal on the adjacent cross section) on the window frame, virtually eliminating leaks or wind noises

Shown without the nailing fin)

The hand crank with compound action, provides super smooth action, and resists intrusion and wind slamming.

(Shown without the nailing fin)

 Casings in NZ & Australia will be butted to window frame and will be bulk finger-jointed pine ready for painting.

Corner miters are Fusion Welded creating incredible structural integrity and ensuring the corners do not leak, and the joint will last as long as the window frame. This is projected to be in excess of 200yrs.

Not accurately depicted here, is the outside flange mounting system. Once you see it you will wonder why no one ever thought of it before. An outside flange which snaps into the exterior extrusion, allows the window to be surface mounted on top of the exterior framing, completely filling the rough stud opening, and preventing leaks, and draughts completely!

Why SuperWindows (tm)?


The SuperWindow is almost 100% more efficient with respect to thermal losses, than older standard windows. 

Incredible sound insulation when closed, differing pane thicknesses available on request to attenuate noise even further.

Regular double glazing will still condense water on the inside of the window, due to circulation of air between the pains of glass, Argon is inert, and does not convey heat as does air, reducing the temperature at which the window might begin to condense water vapour considerably.

Potential Heat Loss


Sealed Dual Pane, Low E2 and Argon gas combine to minimize heat loss in the most important area of windows. The Low E and Argon combine to filter light wavelengths entering or exiting the home. This improves overall warmth in winter, cool in summer and reduces sun damage to your furniture etc.

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