EEH Technical Features & 

   Design Integrity











"The EEH Technical specifications and construction standards make an EEH home, the best engineered home on the market. Most builders will build a home with the lowest cost materials and baseline building standard requirements, this is quite natural. 

What sets EEH apart is our "minimum" selection criteria, things you can count on: When you buy an EEH home you get the very best of Export timber, the very best SuperWindows (tm), massive 6x2 walls, 13mm plywood sheathing, 16mm T&G Plywood Sub-floor  on 10x2 Joists, and over 150 stunning designs. Where else can you get this level of minimum standard?

We know of no other Home Building system that offers these options as minimum standards."

R. (Ron) THEAKER  CD, MD, Energy Efficient Homes Limited

   EEH’s    Features:


Double Glazed with:

  • Argon gas in glass cavity to increase insulation factor

  • Low E2 coatings to reduce U/V

  • Insect screens are standard

  • Security locks

  • Double sealed to prevent wind ingress 

  • Cavity PVC frame adds to insulation, has an expected 200+ year life span, is 100% recyclable, comes in 3 colours, is surface mounted and virtually eliminates leakage when installed correctly

  • Huge outside noise reduction when closed

140mm Walls.

140mm ( 6x2) Exterior Walls Increases insulation capacity by 50% and when combined with 9 or 12mm  plywood sheathing, increases structural integrity by upto 300%. These are the strongest walls around, plus they contribute to a huge reduction in noise ingress or transfer from outside


  • 10x2 Floor Joists (Can easily build on piles i.e. sloping sections)

  • 15.8mm T&G Plywood Sub floor, glued & screwed for strength and quiet

13mm Plywood 

Exterior sheathing on Ext walls and roof. Combined with the 6x2 walls, the plywood adds incredible structural strength to the home, reduces or eliminates wind ingress, and helps reduce noise pollution getting into the home.


  • 140mm of insulation in walls (NZ R-3.6)

  • 300mm of insulation in Exterior ceilings (NZ R-7)


  • Compression door Seals

  • Insulated (including garage if specified)

  • Ranch sliders are SuperWindows with tempered glass

  • Low cost, pre-painted, pre-hung, 810mm, 6 panel colonial interior doors

  More Features


All glass is state of the art, hermetically sealed, double glazed “SuperWindowsTM  with the added bonus of Low E2 coating and Argon cavity insertion. Both of these features bring the glass to being almost 100% more energy efficient than normal glass windows. We know of no other double glazed home window in the world, with better specifications or warranty

Warranty: 15years+

All windows that open, include insect screens.

The windows are not only energy efficient, and filter nasty ultra violet rays, but also contribute to a huge reduction in outside noise ingress. When you close the windows, noise shuts off just like a volume control.  





The homes are built of NZ certified prenailed frames, 9mm plywood sheathing for walls and roof as required. Homes are designed with T&G plywood sub floors and joists. This allows for construction almost anywhere, and on almost any slope.

Exterior walls are 6 X 2 on 600mm or optional 400centers. Level 2 Seismic.

Insulation is 140mm in the Ext. walls, and 220mm (R5.2) or optional 300mm (R7.2) in ceilings, this is the maximum realistic insulation achievable in a normal home. It makes the home Very Comfortable in winter or summer.

All homes can be Energy Effciecny tested and certified. as well as “Snow Load Rated”   

Materials Pkg  

The homes are fully pre-engineered and arrive as a Pre-nailed framing systems, with most dimensions meticulously accurate, pre-cut angles where required,  trusses are prefabricated.

Foundation plans are shipped early, and full working drawings are shipped by courier on shipment of the home.


  Kiln Dried Wood

Only the best materials go into a EEH home, beginning with kiln-dried timber. The reason is simple:    Green timber is the single most devastating problem in new home construction. Yet much of the timber sold in timber  yards is green or partially green, and therefore totally unsuitable for performing quality workmanship.

The worst defects may not show up for many months. But when the wood finally dries out you may discover that you suddenly have wavy, uneven floors, bowed wallboards, cracked plaster, and sagging roofs with lifting shingles.

And, unfortunately, this damage is practically impossible to correct since its all hidden in the framework.

 A kiln is like a giant oven where timber  is dried and the moisture systematically removed. 

In an EEH home, the wood used in all plates, studs, floor and ceiling joists is kiln-dried for your protection. Factory structural timber is for the most part, certified to NZ certification standards

Kiln-dried and NZ certified timber ensures that your walls remain perfectly true, your floors level, and your roof straight. All our kiln-dried timber is stamped by the "Lumber Manufacturers Association".


Pressure & Treated Timber

EEH specifies only pressure treated timber  for all sill plates and exterior deck joists, in all our pre-engineered home packages. 

PTT timber can be specified for the whole or part house as an option. New NZ legislation will require Ext studs and plywood to be treated.


EEH  Powerful 6 X 2  Walls

EEH's massive 6X2 exterior walls contain about 50% more batt insulation than conventional walls, contributing significantly to reducing your energy costs. 

Together with the 13mm plywood exterior, you  have 315% more lateral strength than 4 X 2  framing.

Engineering rated for Zone 2 Seismic. 


note the air gap above the insulation

EEH's 450mm Engineered Roof Truss

Due to insufficient air space, sloping ceilings have the problem of condensation which leads to rot and mildew. EEH's ingenious solution is this 457mm flat truss which allows for ample air space for  your roof to  get all the ventilation it needs. In addition, the open web design gives you a perfect channel to locate wiring and plumbing.

EEH's roof truss also allows for superior insulation values, enabling this system to act as a thermal barrier preventing heat from rising out of your house. This is critically important because the roof is the number one area of heat loss in poorly insulated homes.


A Tyvek over plywood, wrapped home ready for siding

EEH Housewrap by Tyvek

EEH house-wrap is best described as a jacket that fits over insulation, providing year round comfort, and year round energy savings.

It reduces drafts and outside air (wind) that can penetrate the home through cracks and seams, and works with the Plywood exterior, and the batt insulation to protect its R-value by reducing the chance of insulation infiltration or damage due to condensation and/or air movement. At the same time its micro-pores allow excess moisture to escape

Reliable, Dependable Plywood

The factory supplies nothing but premium quality (real) plywood sheathing for our sub- floors, exterior walls and roofs. 

Ext Walls


New Regulation require treated Plywood



New Regulation require treated Plywood



T&G on 10x2's Glued & Screwed

Optional 19mm

This fact is one of many that set EEH homes apart from most conventional builders, who may substitute cheaper, inferior composite board sheathings. We do not cut corners. For Metal roofs and Tile Roofs, Plywood sheathing can be credited back in lie of Battens,

EEH T&G plywood floors are glued and screwed on kiln dried 10x2 joists for maximum structural integrity and maximum assurance against the floor noises that can often result when inferior specifications are used.

When combined with the massive 6x2 walls, the structural integrity for a typical home is second to none. In addition the plywood reduces noise ingress, and prevents wind from reaching and destroying your installations effectiveness.