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An Energy efficient home is just the first step in providing a quality living environment. In addition to saving energy costs, we will develop awareness of other intrinsic values associated with Eco-friendly living.

Health and Allergies: Reduced by basic home design and appointment.

Emissions: Efficiencies give you a head start on reducing emission from the home by  way of reduced flue gasses, AND the energy savings. These directly affect the degree of emissions given off by your energy provider. In addition we need to take into account the emissions required to grow and manufacture our homes, as well as the sustainable development of the originating forests.

Home location: Given the full sub-floor construction, EEH homes can be located on slopes. In terms of ecology, there is less demand for prime farmland.

Solar use and Eco friendly power will enhance any energy conscious home.

Exploration of Energy efficient appliances, and lights, plus the the use of digital timers, will all improve the efficiencies of your home.

Chemical: Governments now unnecessarily (in most cases) now dictate the use of chemicals in construction in such items as treated timbers.

There are tens of thousands of our homes (untreated) around the world, leaky buildings are not an issue with our designs. 

SuperWindows: We highly recommend uPVC SuperWindows for their superior thermal performance and handy features such as Insect screens. Many think uPVC a non-eco-friendly material. In fact manufacturing uPVC is no more an issue than manufacturing Aluminum or wooden windows.

uPVC is the only material to offer 100% total recyclability, even a hundred or more years from now. No other window material offers this. Some people have issues with the manufacture, however if we think about how aluminium is extracted then made in a huge energy hog of a polluting smelter, or how wood is harvested, transported, milled, and chemically treated, you can see its not as big an issue as first thought.

Procedures: No one likes them but procedures can improve energy efficiencies. For example, You have an energy efficient fridge, but constantly opening and closing the door defeats the efficiencies. Plan what you need in advance. Dishwashers should be run on Eco mode and drying should be natural not forced, Lighting: turned out perhaps automate, Keep doors & windows closed when heating or cooling.  

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  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
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