What happens, when you push the insulation factor 

     To the realistic limit of economy?:   

You get an EEH home!  





      Key Benefits - EHH Insulation

  • 140mm of wall insulation (R-3.6), or about 50% more than standard.  

  • 300+mm of ceiling insulation (R-7.2), about 100% or more than standard  

  • Full interior vapour barrier (as required)

  • External Doors and sliding glass doors are insulated

  • Garage doors when applicable, are insulated

  • Complete exterior  is wrapped in 13mm Ply + Tyvek to reduce insulation drafts

  • Sill is sealed, 6x2 and is Pressure treated

  • SuperWindows (tm) are an integral part of the whole insulation package.


6x2 insulated Wall

Note: Allows for a 50% increase in Insulation, to 140mm,  with a 6x2 wall. 

The larger thickness of wall contributes to the 300% increase in structural integrity.

Vaulted ceiling  

Note: Air gap above insulation. 

Not seen are the EEH roof vents and exclusive micro-perforated & vented Aluminium Soffit which allows air to circulate in the cavity, stopping insects, cooling the roof in summer, keeping insulation dry in Winter.

Tyvek wrapped home, prior to finished siding

A micro-ventilated house wrap, when combined with the EEH 13, plywood exterior sheathing, reduces wind permeation improving insulation effectiveness.

Together with the 13mm plywood sheathing, his means EEH homes are as happy in or out of the wind. It prevents wind from getting into the insulation, effectively nullifying its capability


Key Benefits - EHH Structural integrity

  • Exterior walls 6 X 2,  Interior partitions 4 x 2

  • Exterior wall sheathing: 13mm Solid Plywood (290% stronger with 6x2)

  • Roof: Sub-Roof sheathing: 13mm Solid Plywood

  • All wood is kiln dried AND heat treated to EU standards, and typically Export grade

  • Beams are 10 x 2 laminated or greater

  • Sub-Floor 15.8mm Plywood, glued and nailed to minimum 10x2's

  • Zone 2 Seismic rating

  • Full working drawings / blueprints often over 20 pages

       Heat treated & Kiln Dried ~ certified to EU standards


  • Most pictures are of actual homes, customized for each customer, and therefore may show features not included in the base offering, but available on request as an option
  • Purchase Large  168 page, high quality, full colour, Catalogue available containing all current models. $65 including postage. Payment by cheque or Credit card (via PayPal): Please contact us for details
  • Models are also available on CD for $7 including P&P, and include high resolution pictures: Please contact us for details
  • All models can be ordered with Garages
  • All Models can be customised
  • All models can be optimised by the use of basements, a low cost way to enlarge any home

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