BENEFITS & Customer Energy savings

Extra energy and resources may possibly be required initially to build an EEH home, due in no small part to huge structural integrity improvements in insulation, wall thickness, exterior wall  stud spacing, and the use of plywood sheathing.

This is more than offset by the long term energy savings throughout the life of the home. Over time, as the installation base of homes in NZ increases, we will quantify the energy savings based on actual comparisons with owners. What is easier to quantify is the ease with which the whole home can be kept warm and comfortable in winter.

EEH Homes     
  WARM homes all winter

  Comfortable Homes
  Energy Efficient Operation
  Incredible structural integrity
  High Export Quality materials
  Higher expected resale value

It is impossible to accurately quantify comparisons of EEH homes against other homes, however we do use some rough rules of thumb:

Description EEH Rough Comparison
Older un-insulated B & T - Auckland Many times better*
Older post-insulated Bungalows - Christchurch Many times better*
Newer 4x2 Insulated Homes, single pane glass - anywhere in NZ   Much lower heating and cooling costs, higher resale value

* Due to the infinite variables, no accurate comparison can be provided. It should be enough to indicate the difference between this and EEH homes is a quantum leap in heating energy cost savings and living comfort.

Owners Comment:

Comments are scattered throughout the site

Model ID Comments

"As far as our house is concerned we are on an elevated north-facing site and the octagonal lounge/conservatory gives us wonderful views and day long sun. The heat gain through the double-glazed windows windows, skylights and sliding doors has meant that the planned wood burning heater has never had to be installed. Even in the mid-winter the gentle heat from the AGA stove has been sufficient to keep this quite large house comfortably warm. This really is a tribute to the insulating and building techniques developed for much harsher climates than we experience."    

CG Wellington NZ


LJN "Lorie and I have been in our new home for about six months and we just love it. We are extremely pleased with the quality of materials supplied...The building inspector commented that we had the best framing timber  he had seen in years...Nowhere have we found windows that approached the quality"  LJN



Feel free to send us your comments about your new EEH home, we would love to hear them.