EEH homes are Available in 4 general configurations

  1. House Simple: Purchase the house as a plans and materials package, delivered to your site. You erect or arrange for completion locally. This is the most popular method of keeping costs down.

  2. House Lockup: House installed to Lockup condition on customer foundation, or foundation can be included. It has all outside walls, interior stud partitions  roof, windows, siding, insulation, vapour barriers, Tyvek, Exterior Doors, Soffit, Fascia, etc. Brick, concrete & stone are excepted, no interior except for stud partitions and up-going stairs. Allows for Gib, Electrical, plumbing and heating to be done by customer. You must "finish" the house. 

  3. Walk in: Completed up to but not including finishing: i.e. No carpeting or flooring ( does include T&G Plywood Sub-Floor), tiles, and draperies. 

  4. House complete: Turnkey house built to your specifications, and your choice of fit and fixtures as well as colour and flooring.

Other Options

Seriously consider some degree of solar optimization. These can take many forms some have a very low entry cost (Extended overhangs on north side, deciduous trees, proper orientation etc), while others might be able to be combined into things you might already be considering. Things such as Thermal Heat sinks masquerading as a large fireplace and chimney.

In other options, normally the rest of the home would be fitted out using local contracts and materials, however significant economies of scale can be expected using factory options as they apply to your needs and budget. 

EEH can provide many cost effective factory options with the sale of each home. These options and others, can be sourced locally or ordered with the home for added savings, and ongoing quality.

Some Factory and Other Option Examples:




Hardwood Flooring  i.e.13mm or 19mm Oak

Decks and stairs

Skylights, power skylights, rain sensors, remote controls

Glazed or Screened Porches, and greenhouse "nooks"

Gypsum wall board, and/or plastering

Architectural windows, or matching windows for basements

Casements and optional trim ~ i.e. red oak trim

Low cost Colonial embossed interior doors

Inverter Heat pumps, ducting, Solar options

Complete home automation,  and security

Tongue and groove Ceiling paneling 

(i.e. Cathedral ceilings)

Kitchen Cupboards, Bathroom vanities

Rough sawn BC Cedar siding (if not spec'd)

*NEW ~ 2004*  Factory 1/2 Log Siding ~ All the beauty without the hassle