Capture and Conservation of Energy






Even on a cloudy or rainy day in Winter, an EEH home is capable of absorbing unseen infrared thermal energy from the sun, and the net effect is an internal temperature rise. Add to this the normal release of heat from normal home occupation, including humans, refrigerators, lights, TV's etc, and you can be rest assured of a warm home that requires very little ancillary heating.

Maximized high efficiency is not the only reason to chose an EEH home:

Our ... home has been described as Ďthe most comfortable home Iíve ever been iní. The quality of the lumber was incredible.  The 6X2 studs looked like finishing wood and the windows are marvelous.  The engineering package was so thorough that it breezed through the planning department.  It is truly a unique and beautiful home that we are extremely pleased with.

Bob & Hazel Billings


     Advanced Architectural pre-engineering

Design philosophy:

  • Stunning Designs modified to your own exacting requirements.

  • Maintenance Free/ Low Maintenance, 

  • Factory Pre-cut timber to exacting specification

  •  Airtight fit of Sills, Windows doors etc.


     SuperWindows (tm) & Skylights

  • Double Glazing, Low-E2 Glass, Argon filled  cavity, 
  • Multi Chambered, fusion welded,  Vinyl Frame
  • Heavy Duty Locking System, 
  • Insect screens, 
  • Thermally sealed double glazed safety glass
  • Skylights and 
  • Sliding glass doors.


      Insulation & Structural integrity


Insulation: 140mm (R3.6) in the walls, and 300mm+ (R7.0) in the Ceilings, Insulated Exterior Doors, Insulated sill This is the realistic cost effective limit. 

Timber: EU heat treated - EU certified & kiln dried, 

Engineered trusses 

Roof and walls are sheathed 13mm plywood. When combined with the 6 X 2 walls, this home is over 300% stronger than a similar 4 X 2 home.


     Options:    Optimizing an EHH home

Maximize solar gain or loss during siting, talk to your EEH representative to learn more details about the potential of optimimizing your new EEH home.

  • Optional improved passive solar by design, 

  • Optional  Active Solar, or pre-plumbing, 

  • Optional: Pre-Wire for Solar cells with synchronous inverter. Turn your power meter backwards (Where allowed)

  • Optional Air-to-Air heat exchanger for colder climates


     Other Options & Fully Automated Homes


Note: The i-CD can be purchased separately. If you purchase the i-CD, it contains additional details about the options, sizes etc, including interior doors which are especially cost effective, as well as Decking, stairs, windows etc. Contact us