Custom Home Solutions


For people seeking to bring their dream of a beautiful custom home to life, with the highest quality material and in the most affordable way, the EEH building system is perfect. We help you create a design that is a reflection of your own personal tastes and ideas, then produce a high quality home package backed by a comprehensive support and warranty system. The result is an  exceptional custom home, which you and your family will have the pride and satisfaction of living in for many years to come


EEH, through its factory support, is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of panelized and pre-cut custom home packages.  We have a passion for quality and innovation, as well as a reputation for superb design, outstanding products, and excellent value. The factory is a financially strong public company dedicated to one purpose: helping you build a luxurious custom home in the most affordable way. The custom home packages are available through a wide network of sales offices and independent distributors. With state of the art manufacturing facilities we ship home packages to clients throughout NZ. Tens of thousands of these homes have been sold worldwide, indicating  successful quality assurance systems are in place.

The EEH System is a fully integrated process that streamlines the design, manufacture and construction of your high quality custom We do this by managing via integrated computers systems, the flow of information through each critical stage from initial planning and design, to drafting and engineering, through  manufacturing, shipping and after sales service. The result is a building experience that is efficient, smooth and rewarding.


All successful projects depend on good planning. Our sales representatives and independent distributors lend their knowledge and experience to your project in a number of important ways. They can offer ideas and advice on design changes, product options, budgeting, financing options and construction scheduling. 

As an EEH client, you will receive a copy of our "Owner/Builder Contracting Manual", which is an unbelievable value for understanding and planning the requirements of a building project.


Your EEH representative can prepare fast accurate estimates for your home package using our custom home quotation software. Once you have decided to build an EEH home, we can freeze the price for six months or longer to protect you from costly fluctuations in the price of timber and other building materials. 

The factory guarantees the accurate supply of all necessary materials as specified in your purchase contract to build the home as designed. Quotations from other sources often significantly underestimate the materials required which can adversely impact your construction budget. By choosing a price protected, quantity guaranteed package from us, you can protect your family's finances by having firm, secure control over a large proportion of your budget from the outset


Our goal is to provide you with exactly the home that you want. The starting point is usually a home in our design collection, which can be customized to suit your needs. Buildings can be enlarged or reduced, layouts can be modified, windows can be added or deleted and EEH's many product options can be incorporated. Of course, a unique custom design can be developed outside of our collection, based on the requirements of our clients.  In either case, we will provide a preliminary concept drawing for your review to ensure your plan accurately reflects your desires.


Once you are completely satisfied with your home design, our Technical Services department will certify your plan as structurally sound and calculate roof structure loading requirements. They will finalize floor plans and elevation drawings, and prepare floor and roof system layouts, cross-sectional drawings, window schedules, and other construction details. 

This architectural information is thoroughly checked and sent digitally to our manufacturing equipment, ensuring that all critical components, dimensions, and quantities are correct. The accuracy of our technical information means you avoid a myriad of problems and slowdowns on the jobsite.


Central to our mandate is the promise to deliver superb value to our clients. The factories produce virtually all the advanced components for each home, both for the framing package as well as numerous interior options, using precision, computer numeric controlled (C.N.C.) equipment.  

We understand very well that our clients are both quality driven and cost sensitive. Our integrated design and manufacturing process allows us to offer high quality home packages at extremely competitive prices. We can deliver efficiently and conveniently to your building site.


As construction begins, you will immediately notice the benefits of the EEH System. The factory panelized and pre-cut homes are designed for smooth and efficient assembly. All components arrive accurate to plan, are clearly numbered, and are cross-referenced to your drawings and your shipping list. The precision built parts fit beautifully.

This reduces the dependency for scarce, highly skilled labor, lowers costs, and allows for more accurate completion dates. With EEH, you have a centralized source of support during the entire construction process, as our sales representatives and independent distributors are dedicated to your project's success.


EEH prides itself on its customer service department and is ready to assist you for years to come whether regarding technical questions, additional materials for adding to your home, or warranty considerations. 

We have a broad, comprehensive warranty that is backed by 50 years of experience and dependability. We are here to provide any assistance you may need.

If you have any other question we could answer, click on the "Contact us" link below to send us a message.